Enamel Pin

Quality Guide

Each enamel pin is thoroughly inspected and graded as “standard” or “seconds”. We always strive to provide the best of the best of all our products, however, enamel pins are handmade and not 100% perfect.


Standard Pins

Standard pins are almost “practically perfect in every way”. However, due to the nature of enamel pins, standard pins may include very minor imperfections such as:

  • minor scratches in the metal or enamel
  • minor, barely noticeable specks or smudges on the enamel


Seconds Pins

Seconds pins have slightly more noticeable flaws. These flaws may include:

  • obvious scratches or marks on the metal or enamel
  • obvious specks or smudges in the enamel
  • small air bubble holes in the enamel
  • obvious blemishes or enamel on the metal
  • other slightly noticeable markings\

Listings that do not include the option for “seconds” are assumed “standard” quality. We will never send out any enamel pins that are unacceptably scratched or marked.